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Bad Dreams

Sadie dreamt she was walking down our hall but there were so many rooms and halls with all sorts of stuff in them. One hall had a man with a big machine that crushed people. He asked if she wanted to go in it and she said,"No way!" She ran into another hall. In this hall there were skeletons, witches, ghosts, vampires, bats, and jack-o-lanterns. They were all screaming, "BOO!". Then she ran out of that hall, went to the next hall and then she found her bed and went to sleep.

Emma had a bad dream. In her dream, there mean green guys and they took blood and made blood beans out of it. Foofa was there and the guys took her blood. And the guys made blood beans. They made a guy eat the blood beans but he would not eat them.

Also Sadie saw a scary girl in sleeping in the top of her closet. She had a purple and black striped dress, big black scriggly shoes, and scraggly hair. She closed her eyes so she could not see her.

In addition, Sadie told me last week that she had anot…

In between trips to the vet...

New books from the library to be read in a comfy chair, and if need be a whiffle ball bat.

We made crowns from a craft book. They were a little small since 1. the girls have big heads and 2. I had a limited amount of gold cardboard. Once the crowns were complete, the princess dresses were put on and Sadie had her favorite silk wrap to finish the outfit.

Golden light of late afternoon.

Under the weather

When you feel like this, what can be better than this:

Sadie has been reading Honey stories to help her feel better and pass the time she has to spend with a cone on her head. We found out today that she has another 5 days.

Morning watering

The morning captured here we were re potting some succulents and Emma was helping me water all our little treasure pots. I loved the contrast between her buttoned up dress, pinafore and all, and the messiness we were making. And the wind catching her apron as if she was a little fairy tending the garden. Moments of summery goodness enjoyed.

One summer night

My creation
Originally uploaded by iam1000hats Having an ice cream cone out on the lawn leads to super Sadie photo-a-thon when she decides she does not want her photo taken, then she does, and then another and another....And then there is Emma who eats and smiles. Done.


Camping with kids

This Sunday we went camping. After a bit of discussion and one trial run in the backyard, we came to the agreement that one night was enough to have fun and not get burnt out all in one trip.
Nicole and Neela arrived before us and scoped out the campsites and signed us up for a great spot; close to the bathrooms but not too close, without many neighbors and some trees. We met up at the gate and drove back to our spot.
Upon arrival, we hopped out and started gabbing away. Then I looked out to the right of the car and guess what is heading our way without any intention of going around; a rattlesnake. I suggested we get in the cars, Nicole wanted to have photo documentation of our first encounter with nature. I pulled the car back to remove us from its path and the snake continued its progress across our driveway, heading right at Nicole's Jeep. As she got out the camera and took a couple steps toward the snake, it decided it did not want to be around and increased it's sp…

When they grow up...

Emma wants to be a tight rope walker.

Sadie saw a picture of a woman balancing on top of a very tall pole, on top of a man's head and said," I NEVER want to do that!"

We have borrowed this circus book from the library, thus the circus thoughts.

Creepy Crawlies

The library activities for this summer are all bug themed. Last week there was a bug band, including a ladybug, a bee and a caterpillar which metamorphosed into a butterfly! This week was a woman who rescues animals in the creepy crawly category. All of her show and tell creatures were rescued which makes me wonder why anyone would want a hissing cockroach or the world's largest millipede. She had two millipedes and Sadie got to pet one, which according to the woman, feels like a tootsie roll. Sadie was also privilege to wearing the millipede as a belt! Did you know the average millipede has between three hundred and four hundred legs?

When the host asked Sadie if she would be willing to let the bug crawl on her, she stood there looking at the thing for a good three seconds and then nodded yes. Nathan blames me for her fear of spiders. If she sees one of significant size she gets the shivers, it cracks me up. But with other bugs she is super curious. She loves to hold crick…

Pad Squad

Last Sunday we went to an afternoon baseball game. We rode the trolley down to the park and sat in the bleacher seats in the outfield. There was a sand box and playground as well as lots of games for school age kids through out the game. We saw our favorite Pad Squad member and Sadie scored some loot. The girls enjoyed rainbow snow cones which promptly turned to snow soup and a lovely shade of brown. After we were home, Sadie decided that at our next game she wanted to get peanuts at a snack since she saw them being sold. (This girl may become a big baseball fan! She asked Nathan to pause the game one night at home so she would not miss a thing.) The afternoon was mighty hot and sunny, so we left before the game was over and as we were walking back to the trolley station, we heard the crowd erupt. Later we found out there was a Padre home run which landed in the sand box where we had been sitting! Riding the trolley.
Snow cones and snacks

The sand box

Paint by Number

Sadie loves these. We started one before the birthday but need to get it out to finish. It is something she likes to do with me as well as something to do by herself, without Emma-monster.

Beach Day


Sunset at the Cliffs

When Daddy is in charge you get to stay up late and go watch the sunset.  This was Sadie and Emma's first time seeing the sun set "all the way down" from the cliffs over the Pacific.  And they also enjoyed kicking dirt on each other!