Bad Dreams

Sadie dreamt she was walking down our hall but there were so many rooms and halls with all sorts of stuff in them. One hall had a man with a big machine that crushed people. He asked if she wanted to go in it and she said,"No way!" She ran into another hall. In this hall there were skeletons, witches, ghosts, vampires, bats, and jack-o-lanterns. They were all screaming, "BOO!". Then she ran out of that hall, went to the next hall and then she found her bed and went to sleep.

Emma had a bad dream. In her dream, there mean green guys and they took blood and made blood beans out of it. Foofa was there and the guys took her blood. And the guys made blood beans. They made a guy eat the blood beans but he would not eat them.

Also Sadie saw a scary girl in sleeping in the top of her closet. She had a purple and black striped dress, big black scriggly shoes, and scraggly hair. She closed her eyes so she could not see her.

In addition, Sadie told me last week that she had another bad dream. There was a praying mantis on her and she could not get it off. After she got it off, it kept following her around and she could not get away from it. Yuck, sounds bad to me!


Anonymous said…
Okay, enough Halloween books!
Time for some cute bunny and happy unicorn books!

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