Pad Squad

Last Sunday we went to an afternoon baseball game. We rode the trolley down to the park and sat in the bleacher seats in the outfield. There was a sand box and playground as well as lots of games for school age kids through out the game. We saw our favorite Pad Squad member and Sadie scored some loot. The girls enjoyed rainbow snow cones which promptly turned to snow soup and a lovely shade of brown. After we were home, Sadie decided that at our next game she wanted to get peanuts at a snack since she saw them being sold. (This girl may become a big baseball fan! She asked Nathan to pause the game one night at home so she would not miss a thing.) The afternoon was mighty hot and sunny, so we left before the game was over and as we were walking back to the trolley station, we heard the crowd erupt. Later we found out there was a Padre home run which landed in the sand box where we had been sitting!

Riding the trolley.

Snow cones and snacks

The sand box


Anonymous said…
I see the real possibility of t-ball in sadie's future! Papa
Sonja said…
Wow!! Wish we had a sandbox in the outfield when we were kids. Papa drag out the wiffle balls and lets head to the park!!Miss you guys!!

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