Sunset at the Cliffs

When Daddy is in charge you get to stay up late and go watch the sunset.  This was Sadie and Emma's first time seeing the sun set "all the way down" from the cliffs over the Pacific.  And they also enjoyed kicking dirt on each other!


Anonymous said…
Thats where Great Grandpa used to go fishing and also where Auntie JoEllen fell off the cliffs when she was Emma's age. She was okay, just sprained her ankle. memories!

Alisha said…
I think it's a good thing that our kids have Daddies who let them do things we don't. What special memories they'll have because of it. Matt does things with the boys that I just don't have the energy or desire to do. Another thing to make daddies special!
Anonymous said…
Sunset girls: Sara and Sonja revisited???? Papa

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