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As I mentioned before, Emma loves school. She is so happy to have her own thing. Her teacher says she is a leader and "helps" in class a lot, reminding everyone of what they are supposed to be doing. Emma happens to be one of the oldest kids in class as well which allows her to shine, so says her teacher. I am happy to see she is painting and creating as well.
Here is a story from Sadie's work this week. It can be amazing how one week your child can advance so much. Her details in this story illustration are just great. She used shading in the waves and drew herself in her favorite of all bathing suits, a pink bikini.


We went out for a picnic at the Point. Sandwiches, chips, fresh green beans, and our fancy new water bottles. There was views and trails, tide pools and a lighthouse. One quarter bought a close up view of the hills and the ocean from a spy glass on the hill. We saw the 1500 pound light used in the lighthouse. Climbed the spiral staircase up the the light. Saw how the families had lived in this tiny house out on Point Lonely, as it was known to those who lived there.

After twelve thousand requests to see tide pools, we arrived there to find a couple hermit crabs, some anemones, tiny sea snails and other miscellaneous mollusks tucked among the rocks. The rocks were slippery with moss so we only stayed a short while.

Up the hill we drove in search of some ice cream, which we found along with a community fair and a play ground. Sadie said, " Wow, we are doing so MANY fun things in ONE day." Yes, these kids have it rough.

Firsts for Fall

This week was Emma's first week at school and she took it like a champ. She walked right in and got busy playing, and with a quick goodbye she was on her own. In fact, today when we arrived for drop off, she began telling me how she did not need me to walk into the classroom, that she could walk herself to class and I did not need to be there. But unfortunately by law I do have to be there to drop her off, so she had to endure a kiss goodbye before she got to her pony playhouse. Nathan and I both are marveling at her willingness, her excited approach to school. She loves it. It is something that is just for her. Her friends, her teacher, her playground. She has already learned a new song and helped a little boy, who was having a bad day, see the joy of school. The teacher said when she saw Emma, "she looks sweet, you know, when you see a little one and they just have that sweet look about them." That is my little Emma, sweet. Along the lines of firsts, the beginning o…

Late snack


Rockin the Gee-tar

The by product of a six year-old birthday party at a place intended to corrupt the sweetness that is little girls.

Resting on the lawn in the dapply shade under our big pine trees.
Looking up and snuggling up.
Emma notices herself in the window at the library during our last summer book haul.

Thanks to a flower growing client, we have had fresh flowers around lately.

First Day of School

Tuesday was the first day of school around here. Sadie had a rough night the night before because she was just way too excited and anxious. Her stomach was upset which woke her up in the middle of the night (12:38 she remembers) and then she was up just about every hour to check the time to see if it was time to get ready. Thankfully the first bell rings a whole lot later this year, so we were able to cruise through the morning without rushing, dealing with each wave of nervousness as it crested. The top shot is from the morning, she really just wanted it all to start, waiting around was not so fun. The second was from after school. Emma and I walked over there,(quite a walk!) and met her as she was dismissed. On our way home, we stopped for ice cream bars at the grocery as a treat for the special day. Emma starts school next week!

Bits of Summer