As I mentioned before, Emma loves school. She is so happy to have her own thing. Her teacher says she is a leader and "helps" in class a lot, reminding everyone of what they are supposed to be doing. Emma happens to be one of the oldest kids in class as well which allows her to shine, so says her teacher. I am happy to see she is painting and creating as well.

Here is a story from Sadie's work this week. It can be amazing how one week your child can advance so much. Her details in this story illustration are just great. She used shading in the waves and drew herself in her favorite of all bathing suits, a pink bikini.


Anonymous said…
Emma's paintings are beautiful! I love the feeling of freedom she paints with.

I love Sadie's picture of her in the wave! I remember many times I was in a wave that felt just that big and far up into the air! Good story Sadie!

Love you bunches!
Anonymous said…
Emma and Sadie: Beautiful art and illustrated story.
Love you both, Papa.

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