Firsts for Fall

This week was Emma's first week at school and she took it like a champ. She walked right in and got busy playing, and with a quick goodbye she was on her own.
In fact, today when we arrived for drop off, she began telling me how she did not need me to walk into the classroom, that she could walk herself to class and I did not need to be there. But unfortunately by law I do have to be there to drop her off, so she had to endure a kiss goodbye before she got to her pony playhouse.
Nathan and I both are marveling at her willingness, her excited approach to school. She loves it. It is something that is just for her. Her friends, her teacher, her playground. She has already learned a new song and helped a little boy, who was having a bad day, see the joy of school. The teacher said when she saw Emma, "she looks sweet, you know, when you see a little one and they just have that sweet look about them." That is my little Emma, sweet.
Along the lines of firsts, the beginning of fall, even here in sunny SoCal, has been showing its self. The hot morning sun slowly cools as the afternoon progresses. The sun sets earlier each night. Leaves have begun to drop or turn here and there. Tonight there is a bit of coolness in the air. And the lady who drives the white Rolls Royce saw the need to wear her white fur collar. (I laughed and looked at the thermometer in the car reading 72. She did have all her windows up, and mostly likely, the a/c on.) Summer was lovely this year but there is always something to look forward to with the change of seasons, even here, mild as they may be.


Anonymous said…

Glad to here you're having a good time in school. Hope you make lots of school friends and learn a lot.
Love, Papa.
Alisha said…
Davin tried that one, too. "Momma, don't come in with me." Me: "I have to, it's one of the rules of preschool." Davin: "OK."

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