We went out for a picnic at the Point. Sandwiches, chips, fresh green beans, and our fancy new water bottles. There was views and trails, tide pools and a lighthouse. One quarter bought a close up view of the hills and the ocean from a spy glass on the hill. We saw the 1500 pound light used in the lighthouse. Climbed the spiral staircase up the the light. Saw how the families had lived in this tiny house out on Point Lonely, as it was known to those who lived there.

After twelve thousand requests to see tide pools, we arrived there to find a couple hermit crabs, some anemones, tiny sea snails and other miscellaneous mollusks tucked among the rocks. The rocks were slippery with moss so we only stayed a short while.

Up the hill we drove in search of some ice cream, which we found along with a community fair and a play ground. Sadie said, " Wow, we are doing so MANY fun things in ONE day." Yes, these kids have it rough.


Anonymous said…
Sara- Great photo composition on the lighthouse! Dad

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