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Our outstanding student

Great job, Sadie girl!

Carni Kids

Last weekend was the school's 50th Annual Halloween Carnival. I baked a million goodies for the bake sale and am now know in some circles as 1000bakedgoods. Sadie and Emma climbed and slid through all the inflatable obstacles. Neela joined us for some good times as well.
Emma's "it's too scary" coping mechanism is to slide on her stomach backward, which is how she managed to get down from the very tall slide above. Sadie tried her skills at the climbing wall and managed to make it to the top.

Like I like to do every Halloween, I spent a little time with some werewolves and ran the spin the pumpkin game. It seemed a bit early for this first grader to be shaving but one never knows around Halloween.Sadie and Emma made their way through the haunted house together, Neela needed a little boost. Sadie said it was only scary at the beginning because there was lady with a scary voice. Emma on the other hand felt it was way too dark and had little saucers for eyes as she ma…

Bits from the day

water trail leading out to the patio, playing with the soaker ball

chalk hearts / sunbeams


Holiday Dance by Sadie

The kids have been working on this dance in PE for the last month and they performed it for the parents this week.

Fall Festival at the ol' alma mater

Emma climbing the wall. She got to where her feet were about chest high twice and called it a day. Maybe the tight rope walking will be reconsidered...I think she could have used some pixie dust. Sadie climbed up the other side with Daddy to guide her but I was unable to get a picture of her.

While we waited to be notified of our awards or lack there of, we enjoyed ice cream at the ice cream social in the Greek amphitheatre and were serenaded by the high school choir.

Pumpkin Moms

Sometimes the dad has to jump in and give the moms some credit.  Below are the super-moms at work with cameras and gear at the pumpkin patch.  Great job, ladies...everyone either really appreciates what you do, or will come to really appreciate it some time later in life!




I don't really know the definition of Indian Summer, but I think it has something to do with heat, lots of heat late in the year. I do know the definition of Santa Ana, hot wind from the desert blowing in and heating up the place. Today was one of those days, 91 degrees of heat despite the ocean on one side and the bay on the other. See that brightness above the grass, a perfect illustration of today's heat.
Sadie was off at school so Emma and I went out to the park to spend time having fun. It has been a while since the days have not be filled with appointments and errands. There was a huge mom's group there and in tow were many little ones toddling and climbing around on everything.

This was our "country log" that Emma found. We sat on "country rocks" next to said log while we had a snack in the shade. The country part related to the moss and the grass growing out of the log according to my littlest smarty pants.


But seriously folks...