Carni Kids

Last weekend was the school's 50th Annual Halloween Carnival. I baked a million goodies for the bake sale and am now know in some circles as 1000bakedgoods. Sadie and Emma climbed and slid through all the inflatable obstacles. Neela joined us for some good times as well.

Emma's "it's too scary" coping mechanism is to slide on her stomach backward, which is how she managed to get down from the very tall slide above. Sadie tried her skills at the climbing wall and managed to make it to the top.

Like I like to do every Halloween, I spent a little time with some werewolves and ran the spin the pumpkin game. It seemed a bit early for this first grader to be shaving but one never knows around Halloween.

Sadie and Emma made their way through the haunted house together, Neela needed a little boost. Sadie said it was only scary at the beginning because there was lady with a scary voice. Emma on the other hand felt it was way too dark and had little saucers for eyes as she made her way back into the daylight.

Sadie setting her bait at the fishing peir.

Everyone waiting around for me to stop with the
spinning pumpkin, already, so we can have some dinner.

View from the lower playground, really is quite a shame.


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