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So, Sara and I ran away for part of last weekend, ended up in L.A., and let Nana and Papa fend for themselves, trapped in the Sadie and Emma whirlwind. This was a late birthday getaway in honor of Sara's birthday.

We went to one great Italian restaurant and two great museums: The Getty (return visit) and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA - "lack-muh" to locals) (first visit). It is always inspiring to hang out at art museums - not just the art, but also the general calm and lack of clutter and noise.
This was particularly so last weekend, when major fires were burning, literally all around us. The woman working at the Children's gift shop inside The Getty was explaining to anyone who would listen (and even to anyone who did not want to listen) that the museum was constructed to 14 times the minimum earthquake standards, that they have their own subterranean supply of water, that they could feed all visitors for up to 4 days, and that there was an available heli-pad. So next time you are planning a natural disaster, book yourself a spot at The's disaster-tastic!

We also had a great visit with Leanna, Rinat, Levi and Millie (the dog) at their place in downtown L.A. Much gentrification was on display.

Chillin' at The Getty

View from The Getty at 1pm.

View from The Getty at 4pm. Smoke rolling westward.

Gardens at The Getty

Tourists amused by video installation piece

Nate enlightened by art (LACMA)



Anonymous said…
The EmmaandSadie Whirlwind did tax us at the end, but the weekend was fun, with fishing(casting)practice and a trip to the Birch Aquarium. Papa.

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