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Christmas in Colorado

Emma finds a phone and makes a local call to Grandpa.  Their conversation was quite involved.

          Next she makes some long distance calls as well.

Christmas Eve dinner was hosted by Rebekah and Tedd.  After, the kids opened one present, pjs for a night of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

Christmas morning started with eggs, tangerines and cinnamon rolls. Yum!

Everyone headed downstairs for gift giving, Dusty  was exhausted.

"Christmas Eve"

The quotes refer to the fact that this Christmas celebration was a bit early.  We had Nana and Papa, Grammy, Sonja and Cortney over for dinner and presents before we left for Christmas in Colorado.

We dined on lasagna, chicken parm, caesar salad, and stuffed zucchini.  Lemon meringue bars and Chocolate cake were served for dessert.        

Sadie made a special ornament at school and was able to give it to anyone she wanted, so she chose Emma. After unwrapping, it promptly found a spot on the tree.                                                 

The girls.

All Christmas, all the time...

Emma's Christmas program was today. Here they come down the aisle singing Jingle Bells.

The kids decorated a big yellow cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday. And then they enjoyed it.

Emma guesses a state of the union...




Moments of Celebration

Everyone is taught Spanish at Sadie's school and they learn about the culture of those countries who speak Spanish. This was Las Posadas from a cultural perspective. Everyone sang songs and then sat for hot cocoa and cookies.

First Grade Sing-a-Long All four classes of first graders got together to celebrate the season, all of them adorned as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. (After seeing them, I am thinking maybe Rudolph just had a sticker stuck to his nose, too. Hmmm.)

The blurr of December

It seems that no matter how well you have your days planned out, there never seems to be an end to the plethora of things holiday knocking on our door. One of my favorite blogs speaks of the most missed happenings of a winter weekend, the snow storm. And she writes of the coziness that only comes from the entrance of a big storm, the kind you run out to the store to stock up for just in case the house is snowed in for a day or two,(which is not hard to do when all your cars are two wheel drive we found out.) It is this wonderful thing when the outside world pauses and everything is focused around a warm fire, some yarn and needles, and idle time is just fine. And then there is the arrival of a brand new baby for which dropping everything and just being together is more than justified and you move for one hour to the next without really thinking about anything else than the little ones in your arms or at your feet.

This week coming up is crazy. I will be happily planted in front of m…

Afternoon Fairy Tea

Neela was over for the afternoon so there was a flurry of dressing up. The girls ended up as a flower fairy and an angel fairy. They also hosted a tea party with many, many guests. First they prayed over the food many, many prayers and then everyone ate a bite.

December Days