The blurr of December

It seems that no matter how well you have your days planned out, there never seems to be an end to the plethora of things holiday knocking on our door. One of my favorite blogs speaks of the most missed happenings of a winter weekend, the snow storm. And she writes of the coziness that only comes from the entrance of a big storm, the kind you run out to the store to stock up for just in case the house is snowed in for a day or two,(which is not hard to do when all your cars are two wheel drive we found out.) It is this wonderful thing when the outside world pauses and everything is focused around a warm fire, some yarn and needles, and idle time is just fine. And then there is the arrival of a brand new baby for which dropping everything and just being together is more than justified and you move for one hour to the next without really thinking about anything else than the little ones in your arms or at your feet.

This week coming up is crazy. I will be happily planted in front of my oven, in clouds of sugar and flour and the smell of sweetness baking up. Some how I managed to have some thing to make for every day of this week for one party or another. Cookies, cakes, frosting and such.

Sadie gave me a laugh with this after seeing Santa:
" Mama, there is one problem with candy canes, and ONLY one. They are really, really, really sticky."

And then there was the birth of the moon story. See, the other day Sadie asks, why is the moon different colors? Well, since my brain has no record of why the moon is different colors, I replied," I don't know but we are on the way to the library where there is probably a book that can tell us." So sure enough I found a couple books that were not too simple nor too wordy which would tell us why the moon is different colors. Long way around to today while out picking up more butter, sugar and flour, Sadie was reading from one of the moon books. She was learning all sorts of interesting facts about the moon when she came to the chapter entitled, "The birth of the moon". She chuckled about the moon being born and dove into all of the simplified theories astronomers have come up with to explain how the moon came into being. There was the one about some lumps of rock bumping into each other and sticking until they were our moon. There was another in a similar light that involved more space matter flying by Earth and being caught in the gravitational pull of the Earth and then there was the Earth's daughter theory. In this, there was a collision between the Earth and another large heavenly body the size of Mars. The impact threw off a chunk of Earth from which our moon was "born". And after this Sadie says, "Whoever wrote this Earth's Daughter thing about the moon being born? It is all just really... CRAZY." So then I explained in my own simple mother terms the rational behind the name of the theory and she kicked my ego up ten notches with, " I like your explanation a whole lot better, that other stuff is just a bunch of word...all mixed up." This kid is amazing. It was one of those days. She was thinking amazing thoughts and putting the world into perspective and all I can say is wow!


Anonymous said…
Is that a driveway there somewhere?
Anonymous said…
Every time I hear Sadie read I think, "Wow!"


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