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How to play the Leap Pad and Avoid the Glare:


Begging and Pleeding

"Please, I'll do it for a French taco."

Sadie said this, not really sure what it means, but it is funny.

$5.99 plus tax


Pee Wee League

Ready to start the game.

Sadie passes...

They all shake hands. Good game hugs.

Sadie says:

"Look, I just bit my apple in the shape of Arkansas!"
"Look, this chip is shaped like California; this one is West Virginia!"

The differences between children...

Emma and I are working on her "learn to write the ABC's" books.
Emma says as we start," It's ok if I get them wrong, right?"

Sadie says to Emma...

" Quit moving your eyeballs and look at it."

The least bit interesting

My posting has been a bit slow this year. And the camera does not have anything new to show.   
I am in "make it through the day" mode with so many new things starting up in our lives.Sadie had her first Pee Wee league basketball game last Sunday evening.  Mainly it was a bunch of kids chasing the ball around with a few baskets made in between.  It is fun and funny to watch.  Sadie is also starting an art class this week which teaches drawing. It was her request and I could not disagree with her wanting to draw more.
Nathan has begun teaching one class at the college, two nights a week, as well as coaching a girls club basketball team.   And I was lucky enough to receive a wonderful new easel for Christmas, which is all set up and waiting for a canvas to be attached, but my days seem a bit full and my energy very low.  Mondays I am volunteering in Sadie's school library for about an hour, helping dust and sort the books.  Then there is dear little Emma, being a true three y…

Everyday Photos for The Weekend

My first wife has always been my favorite

Hotels are fun!

Sisterhood of the traveling burrito

Basketball practice - Sadie in blue shirt

Cousins are cool!

Rest Stop Referendum

The girls insisted on their photos be taken on top of this water fountain with the view of the cows/mountains/north in the background. This was the only angle with which they were both in approval. This is equal opportunity, folks. Get out and vote.

New Friends/Old Friends


Winter days


Barfing Lots Behind Us

Day one of the drive home was a little slow starting. Sadie deposited her breakfast in the Safeway parking lot in Colorado Springs, and Emma deposited her mid-morning snack in the Whole Foods parking lot in Santa Fe. After clearing out these obstacles, we were able to proceed with fair efficiency.

Lovely visit with Grandma Joyce in Tempe, including a visit with Honey (the dog) and a dip (of toes) in the pool.

Necessary for long drives.

Gas-ing up out West can be a lonely activity.

Back in SoCal, gotta have some In-N-Out!