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Everyday contest: Guess the shop

Answer: Winchells

noisy neighbors

Can you spot our noisy neighbors?  They are green and red. There are two in this photo. They are most difficult to photograph with the limited range of a point and shoot, since they never come anywhere near the ground. They come screeching through the neighborhood and love this eucalyptus next door, feasting on its flowers.

I told Emma that fairies lived in this clump of mushrooms and she said,"Are there wiwwy  fa-wees in there? Are fa-wrees weal?" So I said,"Yeah , doesn't it look like a good place for fairies to live?" Sometimes I think I believe in a fantasy world more than they do, they are such "realists"!

Seems the fairies probably sit under this patch of clover when the sun is high.

New dress/new scooter

Last night I finished this dress for Emma and she really, really wanted to wear it today. The dress was intended for a Christmas present but with so many other projects at the time, it was one that was left for a later date.  For the first time in a loooong time, she came and asked me if it was time to get dressed. Next thing I know she is dressed and ready to go. So if I could have a new dress for everyday, maybe, just maybe, she would love to get dressed?

Emma also got a new scooter with a gift card from Christmas. We attempted to get one right after the holiday but the one she chose was recalled and could not be sold.

I noticed this little pile of shells and the rock used for cracking this morning.  I loved it. My little girls reaching way back in time and coming up with the most basic way to crack a nut. These were pine nuts they had collected under our Torrey Pine in the back garden.

Of course there are not too many days that pass without some sort of silliness.  This was from Sunda…

Puddle jump

Last weekend was rainy most of the time and by Monday (another holiday?!) we were ready for a break in the weather. So we went out for a walk to find some big puddles.  The girls wore their cowgirl boots since rain boots are a bit of a joke around here.

Everyday Contest: Guess the shop!

Can anyone guess where we saw this sign posted?  Leave your guess as a comment.  Answer revealed soon...
I have been rather boring for Emma as of late.   She has taken to naps in this chair when there is simply nothing else to do.

Back on track

We are moving back into our regular schedule and hoping to leave to sick bug behind us. I came to the realization that Emma was going to be four in a couple months and I could not believe it. Quickly, moments from the last four years zipped across my mind and I was still in shock that the time has gone by so fast. I remember when Sadie started preschool at three and Emma was just five months.  We would play outside on the playground after class many days and while other mothers set their babies down in the travel car seat and the babies sat without complaint for what seemed liked hours, Emma insisted on being up in my arms so she could watch everything going on around her. Soon she was insisting on crawling around and climbing with all the other kids and without too much of a hitch, walking and being run over by all the big kids. She never stopped growing and moving and learning and trying to do everything Sadie could do. Like go across the monkey bars. Yes, one day I turned around jus…

The week the flu came back

This week has been spent with two girls coughing and warring fevers.  Really they have been basically themselves save a few hours here and there when the fevers got very high. Emma is sleeping right now and hopefully her last blast of high fever will break and recovery will begin.  But of course those viruses seem to find it hard to keep to themselves and now Nathan is laying in bed feeling not so good and I feel the tickle in my throat and a headache brewing.  I only hope for "flu-lite", because a week of fever just does not appeal to me in the least.

Things to love...

Backyard tomatoes in February

Emma copies Sadie and it drives her crazy. Emma wants to dress just like her everyday. She always waits to see what Sadie will eat before deciding what she will have, typically whatever Sadie just asked for, especially dessert. It has been a bit of a struggle to get Sadie to accept the idea that by Emma emulating her, she is not trying to hurt her feelings or be mean. Emma just wants to be just like her big sister. Preschool nightRiding boots