Back on track

We are moving back into our regular schedule and hoping to leave to sick bug behind us. 
I came to the realization that Emma was going to be four in a couple months and I could not believe it. Quickly, moments from the last four years zipped across my mind and I was still in shock that the time has gone by so fast.
I remember when Sadie started preschool at three and Emma was just five months.  We would play outside on the playground after class many days and while other mothers set their babies down in the travel car seat and the babies sat without complaint for what seemed liked hours, Emma insisted on being up in my arms so she could watch everything going on around her. Soon she was insisting on crawling around and climbing with all the other kids and without too much of a hitch, walking and being run over by all the big kids. She never stopped growing and moving and learning and trying to do everything Sadie could do. Like go across the monkey bars. Yes, one day I turned around just in time to see her reach out to grab the first bar, miss and land on her face, rolling over in a somersault on to her back.  Was I a little freaked out, YES!!  She was ok of course after crying and crying. She even had an impression of the shredded tire bits, used as cushion in the playground, on her face where she landed.
Anyway, the time has flown by but at the same time so much has changed.  I spoke to a good friend from NJ the other day and we talked about all the new things the kids are doing and how they have changed in the last year or so.  Mostly I came away from the conversation missing all the we had there, not the house or the distance to the city, but the friends.  Some unbelievably great friends.


Anonymous said…
It sure is fun to watch them grow up. Dad.

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