New dress/new scooter

Last night I finished this dress for Emma and she really, really wanted to wear it today. The dress was intended for a Christmas present but with so many other projects at the time, it was one that was left for a later date.  For the first time in a loooong time, she came and asked me if it was time to get dressed. Next thing I know she is dressed and ready to go. So if I could have a new dress for everyday, maybe, just maybe, she would love to get dressed?

Emma also got a new scooter with a gift card from Christmas. We attempted to get one right after the holiday but the one she chose was recalled and could not be sold.

I noticed this little pile of shells and the rock used for cracking this morning.  I loved it. My little girls reaching way back in time and coming up with the most basic way to crack a nut. These were pine nuts they had collected under our Torrey Pine in the back garden.

Of course there are not too many days that pass without some sort of silliness.  This was from Sunday morning grape juice mustaches.

And after breakfast, while I was cooking some potatoes up for lunch,  Sadie was practicing her "Price is Right" modeling and Emma provided the eye behind the camera.


Alisha said…
Love, love, LOVE the Price is Right model photo! So great! Way to go Emma for taking the photo, and way to capture the spirit of "Barker's Beauties," Sadie.
Anonymous said…
Emma, That's a pretty dress that Mama made for you and that's a neat scooter you chose!! Papa
Sonja said…
I think, Vanna better watch her back....That is about the size of the letters on "wheel of fortune."

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