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Ten years

Friday marked ten years of marital bliss for us.  Here we are in La Jolla, watching the sunset over the Pacific on Saturday night. We escaped that night for a small bit of R&R,  away from our typical scene. Incredibly, it felt like we were miles away (more than ten!), in some new place, if only for the night.  The golden light hit the buildings, casting shadows and transformed the village into somewhere we had never been, at least not until that night.  A wonderful moment to acknowledge another wonderful year together.

New Places, Old Friends

We headed out to Lake Murray today to picnic, feed the ducks and play with Neela and Nicole.  The girls really enjoyed feeding the ducks, pigeons, seagulls, geese and even a swan.  They dug in the sand on the shore and went on adventures down some trails while we weathered the wind and soaked up the sun.

Just a bit about Amazon...

I am sure most of you have noticed the Amazon links to books we are currently reading on the side bar of our blog. Well, these little links lead you of course to the site where you may purchase the books if you are so inclined.  And when you purchase through our links we get a little kick back from Amazon for recommending the books to all of you faithful readers.  So if you see something here on the blog that looks interesting and find you really need it in your hands, I encourage you to use our link for your purchase, and we thank you kindly!   Most of the books we read we find at the library, but if after borrowing the book we really think we need to have it at home for good, we pick up a copy through Amazon, where great deals may be had by all.
Now back to our scheduled programming...

Spring into golf season

Sadie twisted my arm and asked if I could take her and Emma to the driving range.  They can both identify Tiger, Sergio and Phil on the golf telecasts, and they think it looks pretty fun (more fun to try than to watch, for them).  We went to the range with one Snoopy driver, and the nice folks there offered us a couple of kid-sized irons and a kid-sized putter to compliment our "set."  Not sure if they are hooked on golf yet, but they both had a lot of fun.  Sadie said that next time she also wants to try chipping.

Fun with scooters

We went to the playground/park for 90+ minutes on Sunday afternoon, while Sara was having a mom's day out with Nicole.  Now that Emma finally has her own scooter, she is always ready and willing to ride.  She figured out that the leg on the scooter gets tired faster than the leg doing the pushing.  She is pretty fast in the 3-wheeled Dora model, although Sadie's Razor scooter is definitely more built for speed.  Lots of kids were at the playground - some sort of kid party was wrapping up, plus it was just a great sunny day.  I was lazy and didn't want to walk back to the car for Emma's sand toys, which caused a fuss for a while, until she spotted another kid with sand toys that she could share.  There were also several dogs, including a little Terrier named Bella that was really nice and the girls played with her a bit.  Good day, and Sadie said at dinner, after 9 hours without Mama, "Daddy, I think this is the longest you've ever been with us!"

The Trouble with Cats

This morning Honey caught a bird and after I got her to drop it and threw her in the house, Sadie and Emma were quite intrigued by the whole event.  Emma decided to call the vet on her Dora phone so the vet could come help the bird.  After the "vet" arrived and helped the bird, she "put a cone on Honey's head so she could not catch anymore birds, but she could still eat."  After having some crunchies, Honey seems to be ok with losing her bird but I am sure she is still mad about the whole thing.

According to Emma:

the plural of F is "F-ehs"

Five is not an odd number


Park weather

This week the rain and cool breezes blew away and the sun warmed up.  Emma and I went to the park one day at her request.  She brought her new scooter, an apple for a snack and the sand toys.  The sun felt very nice.