Spring into golf season

Sadie twisted my arm and asked if I could take her and Emma to the driving range.  They can both identify Tiger, Sergio and Phil on the golf telecasts, and they think it looks pretty fun (more fun to try than to watch, for them).  We went to the range with one Snoopy driver, and the nice folks there offered us a couple of kid-sized irons and a kid-sized putter to compliment our "set."  Not sure if they are hooked on golf yet, but they both had a lot of fun.  Sadie said that next time she also wants to try chipping.


Sonja said…
Sadie really looks professional. Lining up the putt, shifting her weight on the drive. Emma has some serious power swingin'.
Anonymous said…
...and that's a steel shaft Emma's swinging! Papa
Anonymous said…
Papa, again. Both your swings look better than mine!!!!
Alisha said…
Yeah, I'm sure it took A LOT of arm twisting to get you to go to the driving range!

And SADIE kicks booty! Look at that stance!!!

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