The Trouble with Cats

This morning Honey caught a bird and after I got her to drop it and threw her in the house, Sadie and Emma were quite intrigued by the whole event.  Emma decided to call the vet on her Dora phone so the vet could come help the bird.  After the "vet" arrived and helped the bird, she "put a cone on Honey's head so she could not catch anymore birds, but she could still eat."  After having some crunchies, Honey seems to be ok with losing her bird but I am sure she is still mad about the whole thing.


Anonymous said…
Ah yes...the beast at work!

At least you caught her before she finished off the feathered feast and left only the feet on the kitchen floor....
Anonymous said…
...or brought it in the house for some chase-and-catch fun! Dad.

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