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New Kids Book Love

Out and about in Denver during Christmas time, Nathan and I stopped in to the Tattered Cover.  This is a new/used independent book seller with an awesome selection in most categories with which I am interested. So while browsing, I happened upon a paperback copy of The Mysterious Benedict Society, by Trenton Lee Stewart.  The book's accolades claimed that this book brushed elbows with Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, and RoaldDahl in style, action and kooky-ness.  So I thought it had to be good, since all of the above are on my favorites list for children's literature, and picked up a copy.   While still on vacation in CO, I did get started on it but the mood was not right or something, so I set it down before I was really able to get into the book.  
Most recently I finished The Eldest and was ready to jump into something that followed the adventure theme but lived in a different time and place, and this was just the book.  After my back reared it's head at me after doing mor…

In the evening time

Flag Assembly with Sunset View 1st Grade

Last friday we attended the Flag Assembly at Sadie's school, which was conducted by the First Graders this month.  They led the Pledge of Allegiance, sang a song, and a few kids recited some ways in which they were going to celebrate Earth Day.  
Also, they handed out the Jog-a-thon awards.  Sadie was the No. 1 girl runner in Mrs. Eastley's class, and third in the K-2 category.
Emma was not overly impressed.

Sadie with good friend Carly

Sadie with other fast kids

First-Graders in front, rest of kids a safe distance away

Emma.  Bored.

Spring Break

We spent a pretty mellow week, enjoying the lack of schedule or much else.  One afternoon we made it over to the zoo along with every other tourist and member (or so it seemed) , and spent some time walking and looking and almost being pecked.  One night we made time to color eggs after dinner and showers.  Nathan complained about the perfume of vinegar but the girls were very excited to see what would become of the eggs they placed in the dye.  Emma was amazed.  Sadie made a three color striped egg.

We celebrated Emma's number four birthday.  She had friends and family to keep her entertained until the eagerly awaited cake arrived with candles to blow out.  This year she decided on a butterfly cake so the birthday followed suit with butterfly crafts and the skies cleared for a beautiful day any butterfly would be happy about.

We ended our week with Easter.  I made the girls matching dresses they were so happy to wear. (Emma asked to wear hers again the next day!) We headed off to ch…

Overheard from the next room

Sadie:Emma! It's fine! Your bed is not going to burst!
Emma: I just don't want it to get all not neat!


Tonight Nicole and I took the girls to the beach for a picnic dinner and to watch the sunset.Looking west and looking east.

Jog-a-thon Mania

I can't believe I forgot to post these!  Here we are, almost a month later, and the much spoken of fundraiser still has not posted to these pages.  So here you go, for all of those who sponsored Sadie, thank you so much.  The school really appreciates your contributions.  And for those of you who missed out on the news, here is the deal. Our little Sadie managed to run 4 1/7 miles in 50 minutes!  Her amazing first grade legs won her the most laps by the girls in her class and a free slurpee.

This was one of the few moments I saw Sadie walking, she was just getting warmed up.

This is close to the end. The sun started to come out and heat things up, but there were plenty of spray bottles on hand to cool everyone off.

After the run, all the kids re-energized with orange slices. This photo cracks me up.  Sadie is neither the tallest nor the shortest in her class, but this guy dwarfs her.  The kid with the spiked, blond hair ran a ridiculous amount of laps, he was amazing. Look for him in …

This makes me happy


Saturday night-Fancy Glasses

Sadie instructed that this photo be labeled, "COOOFFEEEEE!!".  The girls each had a Mexican Mocha of recent popularity for dessert Saturday night.  Emma wondered, " Why is it called Mexican Hot Chocolate?" Sadie answered, "Because it has Mexicans in it."  Well, not quite, I further explained after I stopped laughing.  
The glasses containing the coffee are new as well. They are the new fancy glasses. Sadie and Emma have been fighting over this one jelly jar glass I found some months ago while thrifting. I love these vintage jars, they remind me of the wax covered jars we received from my grandma late in the summer, after the apricot tree finished fruiting, filled with  golden, sweet jam. We went swimming there a lot in the summer and always jumped out of the pool to grab a couple apricots for a snack in late June.  It was the beginning of the summer for us but it was always sad when all the fruit were picked. A sun warmed apricot right off the tree is quit…