Flag Assembly with Sunset View 1st Grade

Last friday we attended the Flag Assembly at Sadie's school, which was conducted by the First Graders this month.  They led the Pledge of Allegiance, sang a song, and a few kids recited some ways in which they were going to celebrate Earth Day.  

Also, they handed out the Jog-a-thon awards.  Sadie was the No. 1 girl runner in Mrs. Eastley's class, and third in the K-2 category.

Emma was not overly impressed.

Sadie with good friend Carly

Sadie with other fast kids

First-Graders in front, rest of kids a safe distance away

Emma.  Bored.


Anonymous said…

Congratulations on a great run. Well done. Papa
Anonymous said…

Doesn't Sadie's friend, Carly, look a bit like Kary Stone????


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