Jog-a-thon Mania

I can't believe I forgot to post these!  Here we are, almost a month later, and the much spoken of fundraiser still has not posted to these pages.  So here you go, for all of those who sponsored Sadie, thank you so much.  The school really appreciates your contributions.  And for those of you who missed out on the news, here is the deal. Our little Sadie managed to run 4 1/7 miles in 50 minutes!  Her amazing first grade legs won her the most laps by the girls in her class and a free slurpee.

This was one of the few moments I saw Sadie walking, she was just getting warmed up.

This is close to the end. The sun started to come out and heat things up, but there were plenty of spray bottles on hand to cool everyone off.

After the run, all the kids re-energized with orange slices.
This photo cracks me up.  Sadie is neither the tallest nor the shortest in her class, but this guy dwarfs her.  The kid with the spiked, blond hair ran a ridiculous amount of laps, he was amazing. Look for him in MLS in 15 years.

This day is described as a field day. All of the classes spend the entire day outside, moving from one station to the next, learning different sports or skills.  This was right after running. They were learning Karate and they were all participating, including Emma.  The following station was snack time, and they needed it!!


Anonymous said…
I love those pink cheeks! If only we could bottle up her energy and sell it; you guys would be millionaires! Congrats, Sadie! You're always a winner with us!
Sonja said…
Who taught her that great running form? Arms at 90 degrees. WOW!! Congrats to Sadie for an awesome JOG-A -THON!! Can't wait to run around at the park on Sunday!!

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