New Kids Book Love

Out and about in Denver during Christmas time, Nathan and I stopped in to the Tattered Cover.  This is a new/used independent book seller with an awesome selection in most categories with which I am interested. So while browsing, I happened upon a paperback copy of The Mysterious Benedict Society, by Trenton Lee Stewart.  The book's accolades claimed that this book brushed elbows with Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, and Roald Dahl in style, action and kooky-ness.  So I thought it had to be good, since all of the above are on my favorites list for children's literature, and picked up a copy.   While still on vacation in CO, I did get started on it but the mood was not right or something, so I set it down before I was really able to get into the book.  

Most recently I finished The Eldest and was ready to jump into something that followed the adventure theme but lived in a different time and place, and this was just the book.  After my back reared it's head at me after doing more than I should have, I have been making a point this week of not doing much.  I get the ultimate necessities done and have been leaving the rest to some later time, which is good because my back is recovering and I have had plenty of time to read while icing that sore back of mine.   Emma even fell into step with me, asking for me to read her the book while she lays by me and goes in and out of the room, playing and stuff. 
So I have covered a  lot of pages this week and the book is living up to its promises and since it is a series there will be more in store once this tome is completed.  Just my style.

See the link "on the bookshelf", to the lower right, to pick up your own copy.


Anonymous said…
Feel better, soon. Love, Dad.

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