Saturday night-Fancy Glasses

Sadie instructed that this photo be labeled, "COOOFFEEEEE!!".  The girls each had a Mexican Mocha of recent popularity for dessert Saturday night.  Emma wondered, " Why is it called Mexican Hot Chocolate?" Sadie answered, "Because it has Mexicans in it."  Well, not quite, I further explained after I stopped laughing.  
The glasses containing the coffee are new as well. They are the new fancy glasses. Sadie and Emma have been fighting over this one jelly jar glass I found some months ago while thrifting. I love these vintage jars, they remind me of the wax covered jars we received from my grandma late in the summer, after the apricot tree finished fruiting, filled with  golden, sweet jam. We went swimming there a lot in the summer and always jumped out of the pool to grab a couple apricots for a snack in late June.  It was the beginning of the summer for us but it was always sad when all the fruit were picked. A sun warmed apricot right off the tree is quite unforgettable. 
I digress, I know.  But the jelly jar, which has been dubbed the fancy glass by Emma and the cylinder glass by Sadie has been very sought after lately.  My thrift store trips have been drastically reduced but after a supply run to "The big red bull's eye", I asked the girls if they would want to stop over at the Salvation Army just across the street from our previous destination before heading to our final harbor in our rally of errands. 
They were up for it so in we headed. After minutes of searching, we saw there were none to be found.  Instead, I asked Sadie to find a favorite with a match so she and Emma could have the same fancy glass (a big key to my sanity, make it the same most all of the time).  Emma had her nose in the books. After many presentations of fluted glasses, Sadie came across two pressed glass tea cups, the type that come with a glass plate ever so popular in the fifties and sixties for Bridge parties and the like.
And these are the glasses with which I presented the eagerly awaited Mexican Mochas.  Joe Joe's (think Oreo's) complemented the drink.


Anonymous said…
Some seemingly little traditions last a lifetime! Dad

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