Spring Break

We spent a pretty mellow week, enjoying the lack of schedule or much else.  One afternoon we made it over to the zoo along with every other tourist and member (or so it seemed) , and spent some time walking and looking and almost being pecked.
 One night we made time to color eggs after dinner and showers.  Nathan complained about the perfume of vinegar but the girls were very excited to see what would become of the eggs they placed in the dye.  Emma was amazed.  Sadie made a three color striped egg.

We celebrated Emma's number four birthday.  She had friends and family to keep her entertained until the eagerly awaited cake arrived with candles to blow out.  This year she decided on a butterfly cake so the birthday followed suit with butterfly crafts and the skies cleared for a beautiful day any butterfly would be happy about.

We ended our week with Easter.  I made the girls matching dresses they were so happy to wear. (Emma asked to wear hers again the next day!) We headed off to church in the morning and after some work in the kitchen (Thanks Grandma!!), we made our way to the big family picnic at the park. 

Now we are back to school and our regular routine.  I can't wait for summer!  Yesterday the librarian informed me that the twenty books we checked out this week are due back in May! Already!! Summer is closer than we think!


Alisha said…
Happy Birthday, Emma!!!

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