Backyard campout

Last Saturday Nicole and Neela came over for a camp out, in our back yard.  We had tents, ribs and corn on the cob, and smores.  Emma has really wanted to go camping again and so we set up this little mock camping trip.  Of course, it was not quite as exciting as the wilderness, no snakes or scorpions.  But our place did include indoor plumbing, showers, a stove and a refridgerator, and most importantly... real beds if it was freezing or raining or too hard in the tent.  (Ok, so I am wimpy and even more so because of my "condition" at the moment.)
The girls had fun in the tents, playing and not sleeping. In fact about 1045 pm, Emma gave up and came in the house with her pillow and headed into her "real bed", away from Sadie and Neela, who shortly there after finally fell asleep as well.  There were very few pictures taken of the event, maybe because we were too lazy.  Camping is work, camping at home is so much easier!


Anonymous said…
Camping, real plates??? Papa
Sonja said…
I may actually get some camping in this weekend! Havasu for some boating and swimming. Then camping in 80+ weather. Should be fun!

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