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Summer bits

broccoli sprouts in the newest addition to the garden

strawberries loving their new home

another tooth lost

summer dessert: strawberries, whipped  cream, and chocolate sauce

Fair time

Rides, cattle, shamtastic and anything "totally fried" were all at our disposal today during our day at the fair.  The girls hit the rides first, getting the most for their 25 tickets.  Mini roller coasters, tea cups, Winky the Whale, a haunted pirate ride, giant slides and the merry-go-round were among the assortment.  While the air was filled with aromas sugary, buttery and everything battered, we all headed for Hot-Dog-on-a-Stick for corn dogs and lemonade.  We did not see the infamously new chocolate  covered bacon, but after hot dogs the girls each picked a frosty treat.   Finally we strolled through an abbreviated tour of the exposition halls, including the wood working, hobby, and garden halls.  On our way to the gates, we looked at the animals (cattle, sheep, pigs, and goats).  Seemed as if everyone was getting ready to show, so there was a lot of activity in the barns.

More Disney

waiting for the shuttle

small world

sweet treat


 the whole gang

watching the fireworks

more sweets

swimming at the hotel

on the dance floor

Wednesday- Swimming at Martha's

Sadie:"I wish I could live here! (pause) I wish there was a magic spell that made everyday here (at the house) a summer day, so it was sunny and warm and we could always go swimming."

First Visit: Disneyland

For Sara: one of many visits.  For Nathan: second visit.  For Sadie and Emma and baby TBN (to be named): First visit.  These are only iPhone photos; more to come from other sources.

Emma is pulled from the crowd to dance with Alice, et al

Emma's favorite ride is Dumbo!

Mary Poppins and that camera hog, Bert!

Carousel: three times for Mama and Emma!

Ouch, that's my ear!!

Some serious snackin'

Trying to climb into the treehouse

Waiting in line for Roger Rabbit - so patient!

Disney inspired

Emma: "Everything that is pretend is real here!" (While watching Tinker Bell start the fireworks."
Emma: "Why is there fire on those brooms?" (Observing tiki torches around Adventureland.)
Sadie: " Daddy, one of the most funnest days of my whole life, was today."
Emma: " My legs hurt and my feet feels like fluff."  (After riding on Papa's shoulders down Main Street in the crowds leaving the park.")

Mud pies, anyone?


Reading, teeth lost, and school finale

Last week- Note to the tooth fairy

Saturday- At the park

Early evening- Get in pajamas and read books BEFORE dinner.

Today- Last day of school, pool party


This is our five-hundred fifty-fifth post. Yippee! But really I have nothing too exciting to post.  I have not had the camera out as much to catch those wonderful everyday moments, but after looking through the camera, I did manage to find a few. 

A bit of a thunder and drip, drop of rain.

New paint for baby, thanks Nicole and Daddy!

A new pillow, of Sadie's design.

Fresh bread and muffins.

A bit of rain here and there.