First Visit: Disneyland

For Sara: one of many visits.  For Nathan: second visit.  For Sadie and Emma and baby TBN (to be named): First visit.  These are only iPhone photos; more to come from other sources.

Emma is pulled from the crowd to dance with Alice, et al

Emma's favorite ride is Dumbo!

Mary Poppins and that camera hog, Bert!

Carousel: three times for Mama and Emma!

Ouch, that's my ear!!

Some serious snackin'

Trying to climb into the treehouse

Waiting in line for Roger Rabbit - so patient!


Anonymous said…
...a GREAT time in the Magic Kingdom...Papa
Sonja said…
Yes, I had a great time in the Magic Kingdom. It was awesome to share the girls first trip and Nate's second with them!

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