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Busy with a lot of nothin'

the girls and I make bread one afternoon
Summer is going and we are making our way through, rather quickly it seems.  The water is finally warm at the beach which makes it a favorite and if I have the energy we try to make it down there.  Sadie is at VBS camp this week. It is a sports theme and she is in the track group.  Nathan is being very generous with his time and has volunteered to be a coach for the week with a football team at camp as well.  I have been busy-ish finishing up all the baby stuff needed to welcome our newest bundle at the end of August.  There is always something else that would be cute to add to the nursery or wardrobe. Well, off to swim...

Lighting birthday candles in 20 mph winds, no such luck.

Sadie's party at the park for her birthday number seven.  All the friends were invited to come by and spend some time playing and have a cupcake or two.

Cupcakes for all.  Many moms were wondering if these were homemade or store bought; the "professional" boxes threw everyone for a loop.  But for future if you are invited to a party of which I am hosting, you can be assured the cake was made in my kitchen.

This was a two party weekend for us. Nicole planned a wonderful little shower for our little one on the way.  I did not take any pictures from the actual party, I was sitting and soaking in all the attention and not worried about it.  I am assured that some pictures were taken of her lovely chocolate cake.  It was very sweet.  Thank you to everyone again.  I really enjoyed all of your company!  I was able to get some pictures of the girls playing hot potato with Aunt Sonja and Cortney.  They had a blast as well.

More summertime

My newest crafting space with some projects in the works

Sadie's new trick

No training wheels! She decided once and for all that she needed to try riding with them off. (Inspiration: Her friend, Hannah, just learned to ride without training wheels. The kid is competitive.) So off came the extra wheels and in about three minutes she was touring the cul-de-sac with out a hitch.   Nathan did have to suggest that she ride the other way around the circle so she learned to turn/balance both ways.

Won't be long until this one wants her wheels off as well.

Swimming at Martha and Jack's house. The pool temp has gone up a bit but it still makes them shiver after about 30 minutes.  So we warm up with towels and the sun. Snacks help too.

Tuesday is our day at Balboa Park because a selection of museums are free then.  We went to the Miniature Railroad Museum, which provided to be a hit even though when I was describing it to them Sadie rolled her eyes.  But it is soooo crowded that we did n…
From Emma:"If there was a kitty Pirates of the Caribbean, Honey would really like it. With all kitty pirates!" ------------------------- From Sadie: "Do you know Spanish, Neela?"
Neela:"I don't think so."
Sadie: " Well, you're singing like a Spanish person."

Sunday Afternoon

After a very inspiring testimony by a PLNU prof at church, we came home for lunch which I tend to call dinner.  The fact that I call it dinner seems to really mess with the literal outlook of our children.  Except this Sunday, the lunch was, according to Sadie, very dinner-ish so it some what fit the bill. Only the time of day was still a bit disturbing in her little head.

After dinner/lunch, the girls had a nice, cold slice of watermelon.  Daddy had a star cookie.

Sometimes I get very lucky. For whatever reason, I am lucky enough to capture all that sweetness in a fleeting ordinary, everyday moment.  It is something you may witness regularly  and then reach for the camera, but it is too late. Recreating it is quite impossible, although I must admit, I frequently try.  This is my Sadie, how I would love to remember her this summer.  Smiling and toothless in a dress made by Mama, enjoying the sunshine and family.


Late afternoon we spent at the beach. As …

Independence Day 2009

We started out the day with a birthday party at the rock wall park.  There were many water games including a relay race carrying a water balloon under one's chin.  Emma played too and did a great job.

After spending the early afternoon at the park, we headed back home to get chili on the stove for dinner at our house.  Emma took the camera and went about capturing everyone. 

We were happy to have Nicole and Neela join us for the nights festivities.  Nicole brought fancy fruit and vegetable skewers for the kids and a wonderful Greek salad for the big people.

After dinner conversation, hanging over the back fence.  Neela announced there was a beautiful sunset and we all had to come look.

Through with stimulating dialog, we moved on to the good stuff; dessert.  Nathan caught Neela's delight at receiving her blue star cookie, I love the shot!  Yes, our kids were actually at the party but in all our photos they were very grumpy...
We walked over the hill to watch the fireworks over the …

Beach with Friends

Here is Emma in front of the giant hole that all the kids were jumping into with the herds of junior lifeguards behind her.  They were running up and down the beach the whole time we were there.  And see those grey skies?  Don't be deceived, I got sooo burnt.

Sadie and Hannah play in the freezing water.

Away We Go

Nathan and I went out for date night to see this and I don't think I have been in a room with so many pregnant ladies since natural birth classes before little Sadie was born.  Good flick.