Independence Day 2009

We started out the day with a birthday party at the rock wall park.  There were many water games including a relay race carrying a water balloon under one's chin.  Emma played too and did a great job.

After spending the early afternoon at the park, we headed back home to get chili on the stove for dinner at our house.  Emma took the camera and went about capturing everyone. 

We were happy to have Nicole and Neela join us for the nights festivities.  Nicole brought fancy fruit and vegetable skewers for the kids and a wonderful Greek salad for the big people.

After dinner conversation, hanging over the back fence.  Neela announced there was a beautiful sunset and we all had to come look.

Through with stimulating dialog, we moved on to the good stuff; dessert.  Nathan caught Neela's delight at receiving her blue star cookie, I love the shot!  Yes, our kids were actually at the party but in all our photos they were very grumpy...

We walked over the hill to watch the fireworks over the bay, with the city as a back drop.  It was quite awesome.  All the kids loved the happy face fireworks.


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