Lighting birthday candles in 20 mph winds, no such luck.

Sadie's party at the park for her birthday number seven.  All the friends were invited to come by and spend some time playing and have a cupcake or two.

Cupcakes for all.  Many moms were wondering if these were homemade or store bought; the "professional" boxes threw everyone for a loop.  But for future if you are invited to a party of which I am hosting, you can be assured the cake was made in my kitchen.

This was a two party weekend for us. Nicole planned a wonderful little shower for our little one on the way.  I did not take any pictures from the actual party, I was sitting and soaking in all the attention and not worried about it.  I am assured that some pictures were taken of her lovely chocolate cake.  It was very sweet.  Thank you to everyone again.  I really enjoyed all of your company!  I was able to get some pictures of the girls playing hot potato with Aunt Sonja and Cortney.  They had a blast as well.


Alisha said…
I get that with my cupcakes all the time. When I put them in a box, I put an extra cake board underneath them, then a non-slip mat on top of the board. Last time I was passing cupcakes out, a lady asked me, "Did the bakery put that mat under there?" Uh, no...I did...when I loaded my HOMEMADE cupcakes into the box! :o)

Happy birthday, Sadie!
Anonymous said…
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