Sunday Afternoon

After a very inspiring testimony by a PLNU prof at church, we came home for lunch which I tend to call dinner.  The fact that I call it dinner seems to really mess with the literal outlook of our children.  Except this Sunday, the lunch was, according to Sadie, very dinner-ish so it some what fit the bill. Only the time of day was still a bit disturbing in her little head.

After dinner/lunch, the girls had a nice, cold slice of watermelon.  Daddy had a star cookie.

Sometimes I get very lucky. For whatever reason, I am lucky enough to capture all that sweetness in a fleeting ordinary, everyday moment.  It is something you may witness regularly  and then reach for the camera, but it is too late. Recreating it is quite impossible, although I must admit, I frequently try.  This is my Sadie, how I would love to remember her this summer.  Smiling and toothless in a dress made by Mama, enjoying the sunshine and family.


Late afternoon we spent at the beach. As the holiday crowds were heading for their cars parked blocks away, we arrived to catch the end of the day sun.  It was bright and shiny, without so much heat.  And I found a way that knitting alpaca during the summer does not seem hot in the least.  Take it to the beach.  I must admit that I LOVE the way wool knits up, but reality sets in and I have to admit that SoCal reduces the need for wool dramatically.  In small doses (scarves, socks, and light sweaters), I justify my continued use of the lovely stuff.  Plus cotton yarn does get boring and does not carry the elasticity that my beloved merino wool provides.  But clearly, I digress.  It is not a knitting blog, to say the least.

Emma set to work building her self a pool in which she could lay down and enjoy the water.  First the waves were getting in her way, but then she discovered the water could help her dig her pool for her.  Every time a wave came up on her, she laughed and looked up to see if I noticed.  This was quite entertaining for her and me.

After spending quite awhile in the chilly water, Sadie came up on the beach to start a sand project of her own, and more importantly, warm up.

Here comes the tide.

Emma having a snack. If the beach does anything for you, it builds up an appetite.


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