Industrious Pregnant Lady builds a fort for three.

Here is Honey sleeping in the fort. She stayed in there all day, sleeping.

Sadie and Emma read books in the fort after dinner.

Emma decides she needs a nap with baby and the ipod, in the fort.

This week was VBS Sports camp at PLNU.  
Sadie chose track as her sport.  
Throwing the shot.

Throwing the hammer, kid's version.

Baton 4x100

More Swimming


Anonymous said…
Summer is in full swing. Sadie is following in Mama's track footseps. Pretty cool fort, Mama.
...and COOL in the POOL!
Anonymous said…
Way to go, Sadie!!!! Papa
Sonja said…
Looks like Sadie is following in her moms footsteps, taking kids out with the shot-put!! Love the fort, just like our back yard.
Anonymous said…
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