Why every family should eat at least one meal together, preferably dinner.

Emma opens with a dinner blessing.

Emma:" Thanks for all of this day, thanks that Mama could make the dinner, and thanks that the baby is coming along nicely. In Jesus name we pray, Amen." 

After everyone had some bites:

Me:"Did you know that a lot of apple juice comes from China?"
Nathan: " Oh wow, no I did not."
Then some more conversing about apples, etc.
Me:" Actually apples come from China.  The first apples were native there and then people took them and changed them until we have the apples that we eat today.  Wild apples are sour, not sweet."
Nathan: "Like horses, they came here from Spain. They did not used to have horses here."
Me:  "Actually I think horses are from China originally too."
Sadie:" Yeah, and lots of little workshops."

Sadie has always been baffled by the shear volume of products that come out of China.
There was a time right after she learned to read that she began to notice all of the things she picked up had a made in China sticker or stamp.  And then her favorite retort was, "Of COURSE, Made in China!"

This was from April 2008.
"Do people in China have to sip their cereal?" Why do you ask, I ask.
"Because they don't have any spoons."-- Sadie


Debi said…
Out of the mouths of babes ... by the way, we too are grateful that Mama can make dinner and that the baby is coming alone nicely! Nana
Anonymous said…
I'm thankful that Mama/Sara felt good enough to prepare my favorite jam over the weekend. It's delish!
Anonymous said…
..on horses:
http://www.irishhorsesociety.com/horsedata/horsesorigin.htm = there is truth in both accounts....Dad.

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