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Second grade

A new poem by Sadie.

Fig Galette

I have found a new pastry love, sorry good ol' American pie. Yes, the French rustic tart or galette has come to be one of my favorites because of its humbleness and simplicity, a fruit of choice wrapped in a buttery pastry dough with a dash of sugar. My most recent version was from Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, the Fresh Fig and Honey Galette. Farmer Steve brought us a load of twenty or so figs and I could not imagine eating all of them myself so went searching for something that maybe everyone might try. It turned out WONDERFUL, well I would make a couple changes but it was really delicious, making me a super fan of the humble galette. (It has two sticks of butter, so it can't be bad!) I shared with Grammy after calling to see if I could send some her way, to which she exclaimed, "I love figs!" Everyone here turned their noses up at it, except Emma who tried it but did not want any of the "passion fruit" part. (She got the…

snip snap


School's first week

Sadie said her first day of school was " perfect". Who could ask for more? She has a good friend from last year in her class and they sit right next to each other. She really likes her new teacher and was excited because he asked her to bring in one of a series of books she read over the summer, so he could read it to the class. (Thanks Grandpa and Grandma, she loves the series! And she has read them all.)By Friday, the day seemed a little less than perfect, but just in time the weekend provides a bit of break. Emma starts next week and today we are supposed to go and visit her classroom to see what it is all about. She is excited to have some favorite friends in her class again this year as well.
As for Avery, she has accumulated quite a list of nick names from everyone. Sadie calls her Miss Hiccups, Emma calls her Miss Baby and Daddy calls her Kid A. For the most part I just call her Avery, but sometimes Munchy. I admit I called Emma, Munchy also. They just eat so muc…


Avery doing what she does best, sleep, well she eats good too.

Promises of things to come, so cute!

I love her fuzzy cheeks, just like a peach.

Emma working the camera.

After making "dust" and decorating the front steps with chalk.

The girls have been rather bored since Avery has been home. I have not been going anywhere and they are at a loss some of the time with what to do. I organized some stuff in the kitchen, which lead to them finding a small spice jar just right for potions. So they have began making "dust" from the chalk to color the potion. There have been many different versions and Honey worried Emma when she stepped up to a can of potion and sniffed, as if she was going to take a drink. I am not sure what the potion was intended for but I guess it was NOT intended for cats.

A self portrait.

If Sadie could make the rules, she would be holding Avery every second. Her expectations are high for this little sister. Sadie wants her to do all sorts of things …