Fig Galette

I have found a new pastry love, sorry good ol' American pie. Yes, the French rustic tart or galette has come to be one of my favorites because of its humbleness and simplicity, a fruit of choice wrapped in a buttery pastry dough with a dash of sugar.
My most recent version was from Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, the Fresh Fig and Honey Galette. Farmer Steve brought us a load of twenty or so figs and I could not imagine eating all of them myself so went searching for something that maybe everyone might try. It turned out WONDERFUL, well I would make a couple changes but it was really delicious, making me a super fan of the humble galette. (It has two sticks of butter, so it can't be bad!) I shared with Grammy after calling to see if I could send some her way, to which she exclaimed, "I love figs!" Everyone here turned their noses up at it, except Emma who tried it but did not want any of the "passion fruit" part. (She got them mixed up.) She loved the pastry, she's my pie girl.

(before baking- I forgot an after shot!)


And yes, it was delicious!!!!

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