School's first week

Sadie said her first day of school was " perfect". Who could ask for more? She has a good friend from last year in her class and they sit right next to each other. She really likes her new teacher and was excited because he asked her to bring in one of a series of books she read over the summer, so he could read it to the class. (Thanks Grandpa and Grandma, she loves the series! And she has read them all.)
By Friday, the day seemed a little less than perfect, but just in time the weekend provides a bit of break.
Emma starts next week and today we are supposed to go and visit her classroom to see what it is all about. She is excited to have some favorite friends in her class again this year as well.

As for Avery, she has accumulated quite a list of nick names from everyone. Sadie calls her Miss Hiccups, Emma calls her Miss Baby and Daddy calls her Kid A. For the most part I just call her Avery, but sometimes Munchy. I admit I called Emma, Munchy also. They just eat so much, therefore the name. As well as nicknames, she has gained her weight back and then some. The doctor asked if I was full of whipping cream. She was up from 7.12 (last week, Mon) to 8.10 (this week,Wed). So she has been eating quite well, but we both have thrush, yuck. I am hoping after two weeks of meds four times a day we will get rid of it, (PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE!) as I have heard it can be tough to beat.

Bedtime has been a struggle lately so some drastic measures are to ensue in order to get these kids to sleep before ten every night. Summer really spoiled them and now that Sadie is back in school, Emma has been napping again which leads to staying up later as well. Ugg.


Anonymous said…
Great pic of all the school girls. Hope the infection is over soon. Papa

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