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Here and there bits of Fall

My newest endeavor, Farmer Steve Produce Coop. We are a drop off for our area. Every other week we receive fresh veggies and fruit as well as eggs from local farmers. Want to join? Drop me a comment.
We are not privy to much "autumn" action around here, but down the street we have a showy street with lots of trees that change colors. This year the leaves really seem to pop. Emma and I went out to collect the seed pods, what we call pokey balls, to make a seasonal wreath from the same said trees.
Our collection. Emma loves the colorful leaves.

I found this shot on my camera, evidence that little hands were all over my new prize, which they KNOW is not for their use. I think I need to pass the old digital down to those little hands for all their photo goodness. Their perspective is amazing.

School Carnival 2009

Heading over to school, Emma-the bat, Neela-the black cat, and Sadie-the vampiress.
Playing the part.

Jumpy Fun

Really tired little girls.

Avery for a week.

Avery likes to watch the mobile over her crib.


Full of expressions.

Reading to Emma, Avery wanted to listen, too.

A look back at the weekend

two amazing gifts I have received

rock wall at harvest festival

kid sized trash truck and kid sized karate

pony rides and pumpkins

art outside

Matty and Sadie

Katie, Great-Grandpa and Annie

Martha gracefully extinguishes the candles

Happy Birthday, Martha!

Caption Contest

Occasionally I find little Miss sleeping like this.
Sadie and Avery playing before bed tonight. Sadie made up a new song she sings to Avery and now she smiles and coos back when Sadie sings to her.

Emma was busy this morning. She asked to help wash the dishes and then remembered her apron Grandma gave her. So we tied it on and she got to work. Then she went outside and started washing her kitchen dishes and "making tea". She told me it needed more vinegar.

Stacks and stacks.

I was trying to taking some pictures of Emma but she was talking the entire time. In all the pictures she is making a different face.

Avery showing me a smile. She got the hang of it this week and she is smiling and cooing at us all.

Sweet little toes , Daddy and Avery.

four yee-a odes

"gwitter gawoo what would make it pwetty."

A weeks worth

Out at the park.

A day of scattered showers and pink clouds.

Emma," If cucumbers were frisbees, they would be good frisbees."
On Tuesday and Thursdays, it is just the girls for dinner. This night we had burritos, Sadie's favorite food according to her 2nd grade journal. Sadie and Emma set the table as a surprise. Emma set up the surprise by asking me to ask her to set the table, to which she replied an emphatic NO! I was feeding Avery at the time so when I came back out to the kitchen they had finished and were looking for flowers. First they found the orchids, which I had to tell them could NOT be picked, but the pots could be put on the table. Then they went outside to find some flowers they could pick. Each of us got to have our own flowers with our table setting.

This is Friday night cake. Friday seems like it is occasion for cake, don't you agree? Well, while photographing this, Sadie asked why I am always taking pictures of my food. Within other blogs I rea…

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