Here and there bits of Fall

My newest endeavor, Farmer Steve Produce Coop. We are a drop off for our area.
Every other week we receive fresh veggies and fruit as well as eggs from local farmers. Want to join? Drop me a comment.

We are not privy to much "autumn" action around here, but down the street we have a showy street with lots of trees that change colors. This year the leaves really seem to pop. Emma and I went out to collect the seed pods, what we call pokey balls, to make a seasonal wreath from the same said trees.

Our collection. Emma loves the colorful leaves.

I found this shot on my camera, evidence that little hands were all over my new prize, which they KNOW is not for their use. I think I need to pass the old digital down to those little hands for all their photo goodness. Their perspective is amazing.


Fruit & vegies Great!! Apples delicious...passion fruit passionately beans grenn & tastey...I could go on and on....
Alisha said…
If we were there I would get in on the coop produce. Bummer.
Anonymous said…
....back in the tangerines again....Dad...YUM

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