Sadie and Avery playing before bed tonight. Sadie made up a new song she sings to Avery and now she smiles and coos back when Sadie sings to her.

Emma was busy this morning. She asked to help wash the dishes and then remembered her apron Grandma gave her. So we tied it on and she got to work. Then she went outside and started washing her kitchen dishes and "making tea". She told me it needed more vinegar.

Stacks and stacks.

I was trying to taking some pictures of Emma but she was talking the entire time. In all the pictures she is making a different face.

Avery showing me a smile. She got the hang of it this week and
she is smiling and cooing at us all.

Sweet little toes , Daddy and Avery.


Anonymous said…
Avery is a real cutie. Those photos of Emma look like a model shoot for girls clothes.....Dad.
Rebekah Lipka said…
"Who is that? Avery. I recognize her by her toes." Nate Dog

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