A weeks worth

Out at the park.

A day of scattered showers and pink clouds.

Emma," If cucumbers were frisbees, they would be good frisbees."

On Tuesday and Thursdays, it is just the girls for dinner. This night we had burritos, Sadie's favorite food according to her 2nd grade journal. Sadie and Emma set the table as a surprise. Emma set up the surprise by asking me to ask her to set the table, to which she replied an emphatic NO! I was feeding Avery at the time so when I came back out to the kitchen they had finished and were looking for flowers. First they found the orchids, which I had to tell them could NOT be picked, but the pots could be put on the table. Then they went outside to find some flowers they could pick. Each of us got to have our own flowers with our table setting.

This is Friday night cake. Friday seems like it is occasion for cake, don't you agree? Well, while photographing this, Sadie asked why I am always taking pictures of my food. Within other blogs I read, written by other mamas who cook and bake, I have seen this question posed by the children of those fellow blogging mamas repeatedly. And so I just laughed, happy to be in good


Anonymous said…
Friday=Cake? Sounds right to me....Papa
Sonja said…
Well done little ladies!! I need to make some of those burritos you speak of!! Can't wait to start the winter cooking!! Now that it is colder, I will be calling you for the famous pot roast recipe!!

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