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wonderful sounds in the morning

Sadie saying bye to me when I drop her off at school.

Finches cracking open acacia seeds as I walk to the mailbox.

Emma singing in the shower: "Oh ubee-do, I want to be like you-u-u..."

Breakfast conversation

Over a breakfast of bacon and eggs...

Emma:"Mmmmmm, I like to eat pigs. Pigs are good, right Sadie?"
Sadie:" Yeah, pigs are good."
Emma," With eggs they are."


Most of the time I try to write down the stuff I hear the girls say that is remarkable in some way so I can "remember" and write it down here. So this morning, as the above conversation came to an end, I reached for a pen and paper to write it all down. Later when ready to add this post I read an added note from Sadie which reads, "don't look at that writing!"

My little Sadie girl never ceases to amaze me with her insight and perception of the world around her. At her teacher conference last week her teacher said a wonderful thing about this girl of ours. He said,"you know, you can tell she just loves being here." He was not referring to school but life. And it was one of those defining moments when you realize something totally new and wonderful about so…


Indoor Outdoor Knitting

Sadie's least favorite chore is taking the compost out. It stinky and messy, and she ALWAYS has to do it(so she says). With substantial increase in complaining and whining around here, I have adopted a "no negotiating" tactic. Sadie sits on the bench until she is ready to take out the compost. Mean mom, I know.
It has been three sweet months since we met this little one. Cheeks!
They like to watch the sports.
Self portrait by Emma.



Ice Cream Sunday


Thanksgiving Day, Sans Turkey

Written by Sadie:
Yesterday we decorated the christmas tree.We didn't have turkey at our house because we went to Martha's house today to have the turkey.Daddy, Emma, and me went to the park on that same day.We had a lot of fun at the park that day. We made up some games, played some basketball, and walked on the logs!I just love thanksgiving!

We Match!

Emma and classmate both shop for socks at Target, apparently.

Oh Sadie, how we love thee

Here is another one of Sadie's lists.  We can call this one: "Avery...Tuesday".  She loves to write anything and everything down.  She recently posted in the bathroom a step-by-step guide to brushing one's teeth, including how many minutes and when to rinse and spit.  Below was written while she played with Avery and waited for lunch to be ready...

Overheard in the playroom

Emma"I need to go to Africa, its Texas here." She is loading a big rig with animals, a cow approaches,Cow,"MOooooo." Emma," No cows allowed here!" ___________________
Around here Africa is a very popular foreign destination, while Texas is common for domestic travel. India comes in as a close second as a result of Grandpa's call from India, on the other side of the world, where it was morning there and it was night here.
Also Emma continues to come up with costumes for Avery. My weak attempt at a mouse costume for Halloween must have really made an impression. She thinks a brown suit along with some leather moccasins I picked up a while ago on our trip from CO would make an excellent Indian costume. There was another today, which at the moment I can not remember, but they all seem to revolve around shoes that are in the basket in Avery's room. The day Avery is wearing shoes, Emma will be very excited.

Farm fresh and freshly baked


sing a song to avery


Emma and Avery, Avery and Emma


Birthday 35

pink cupcakes for my birthday

looking at the pictures from that night, seems like it was a "pass the baby" event

big cake with all the candles... make a wish!
thank you everyone!

Veteran's Day is a school holiday

Tonight at dinner I asked the girls if they knew what Veteran's Day was for since they both have the day off from school. Emma said, "Thanksgiving?"Well, a bit of that but after I explained it was a day to honor those who have served our country through military service, Sadie got a bit giggly. After she babbled a bit about serving people, she came up with this concept for resolving worldly disputes. There are six judges, three American judges and three from where ever else, and a chef from each country serves the judges a meal and whichever food the judges like best wins the war. Sounds good to me. Ok, so maybe we are watching a bit too much food network. But in my opinion, it beats anything Nick serves up.


Emma is not exactly fond of all my picture taking. She and I are trying to get through the "I have to share Mama, but I really don't like it" phase. Yes, these days have been trying with lots of yelling, stomping and "NO!" from her. Oh, my Emma, the sweetest thing one moment and a force to be reckoned with the next.

Green bean soup for you. (We have green play-doh, but I guess this meal required pink play-doh.

Blue eyed girl

Sleeping with Daddy.

Avery noticing her hands. She has been watching her feet as well, they are quite entertaining. They just keep moving! All the girls have been runners from the beginning. At Avery's check up, the doctor thought her gums looked swollen, getting ready for teeth. Teeth already! Hoping for another couple months before they break through.