Emma is not exactly fond of all my picture taking. She and I are trying to get through the
"I have to share Mama, but I really don't like it" phase. Yes, these days have been trying with lots of yelling, stomping and "NO!" from her. Oh, my Emma, the sweetest thing one moment and a force to be reckoned with the next.

Green bean soup for you. (We have green play-doh,
but I guess this meal required pink play-doh.

Blue eyed girl

Sleeping with Daddy.

Avery noticing her hands. She has been watching
her feet as well, they are quite entertaining. They just keep moving!
All the girls have been runners from the beginning.
At Avery's check up, the doctor thought her gums looked swollen, getting ready for teeth.
Teeth already! Hoping for another couple months before they break through.


Anonymous said…
Prayer: slow the teeth, sped the eye-hand coordination. Papa
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! You Do have some very special gifts. Dad
Unknown said…

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