Breakfast conversation

Over a breakfast of bacon and eggs...

Emma:"Mmmmmm, I like to eat pigs. Pigs are good, right Sadie?"
Sadie:" Yeah, pigs are good."
Emma," With eggs they are."


Most of the time I try to write down the stuff I hear the girls say that is remarkable in some way so I can "remember" and write it down here. So this morning, as the above conversation came to an end, I reached for a pen and paper to write it all down. Later when ready to add this post I read an added note from Sadie which reads, "don't look at that writing!"

My little Sadie girl never ceases to amaze me with her insight and perception of the world around her. At her teacher conference last week her teacher said a wonderful thing about this girl of ours. He said,"you know, you can tell she just loves being here." He was not referring to school but life. And it was one of those defining moments when you realize something totally new and wonderful about someone you thought you knew so well.
Yes, that is exactly it. She loves the newness, learning about anything and everything. She loves being part of the world. She aches to figure it out, to find the right answer or understand the way it works.
I admit that she has been and can be very challenging for me, it has been this way since the start. But it is not because she is bad or mean or troublesome. The reason she can be overwhelming is exactly the same reason she is so incredibly amazing. She is excited about life, learning, and comprehending everything that catches her eye and does not want to stop until she has it all figured out.
As a toddler we would go to the beach in Carlsbad. A beach that went on for miles in both directions and once we got going in one direction, she would not turn around until she was done which meant we could be a mile from our starting point. I hope she always has that drive to
continue forward, discovering and finding understanding in the details of life around her.
Sadie, you are awesome.


Anonymous said…
Ditto- Papa.

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