Overheard in the playroom

Emma"I need to go to Africa, its Texas here."
She is loading a big rig with animals, a cow approaches,
Emma," No cows allowed here!"

Around here Africa is a very popular foreign destination, while Texas is common for domestic travel. India comes in as a close second as a result of Grandpa's call from India, on the other side of the world, where it was morning there and it was night here.

Also Emma continues to come up with costumes for Avery. My weak attempt at a mouse costume for Halloween must have really made an impression. She thinks a brown suit along with some leather moccasins I picked up a while ago on our trip from CO would make an excellent Indian costume. There was another today, which at the moment I can not remember, but they all seem to revolve around shoes that are in the basket in Avery's room.
The day Avery is wearing shoes, Emma will be very excited.


Sonja said…
Well with shoes comes walking, in your case RUNNING!!! I'm sure you are glad to have some months till that happens!
Anonymous said…
The shoe thing must be the culmination of the gene pool and environmental influence: Dad and Debi; Sara and Nate, etc. Papa.
Anonymous said…
Last night PBS had a special on India. Might be a bit deep for the girls, but they can see the people and there colorful silk clothing.
Debi said…
I remember when Emma was "little", she LOVED shoes. She would try on and wear everyone's shoes. And remember how excited she got when she got new shoes? Her love of shoes is still alive and well! Nana

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