Veteran's Day is a school holiday

Tonight at dinner I asked the girls if they knew what Veteran's Day was for since they both have the day off from school. Emma said, "Thanksgiving?"
Well, a bit of that but after I explained it was a day to honor those who have served our country through military service, Sadie got a bit giggly. After she babbled a bit about serving people, she came up with this concept for resolving worldly disputes.
There are six judges, three American judges and three from where ever else, and a chef from each country serves the judges a meal and whichever food the judges like best wins the war.
Sounds good to me.
Ok, so maybe we are watching a bit too much food network. But in my opinion, it beats anything Nick serves up.


Debi said…
Sounds like Sadie is ready for a diplomatic post!
Sonja said…
Can't wait to see the Premiere episode of "Iron Chef, Bagdad"!! Next time on "Iron Chef, South Korea"!! World Peace thru cooking...It could work..
Anonymous said…
Wow, that would be the mess hall worth marching to. Papa

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