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Christmas morn

The cupcakes are made by Sadie with her new cupcake maker she got from Santa.  They look better than they taste but that is not her fault, anything from a packet posing as cake has no chance of tasting good.
The picture of Emma in pjs is for Grandma.

Christmas Eve

After a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, which very well may become our tradition we commenced the opening of gifts. Sadie pointed out that the waiting part was quite torturous. I know, Sadie, I know.
I think we have one of these photos from the last three years.
Emma receives her very own flip flop necklace.

Can't have Christmas without these!!!!! (And it has become tradition that they are not mixed up until very late at night.)

Nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.

Gaining momentum

Sadie is finishing a holiday gift, which I was so lucky to receive.

End result of going to bed with wet hair.

Like a barrel down a grassy hill...

Emma does the cooking.

Avery gets some fresh air on the patio.

A beautiful addition to the tree from Emma.

Sadie jumps rope.

Christmas Eve was a beautiful day. Avery is out for some sun and fresh air.
I can't help thinking of Grandma Benson and stories of Amilda getting air under the big tree out back.

Cute toes, cute pants. Found the Japanese print pants at the Goodwill, yippee! The toes were a gift, super yippee!

Reminder for the next 18 years: The day before Christmas break is CRAZY!

Emma at her Christmas Program at school. They sang a few songs and went back to class for birthday cake, for Jesus of course.

Kids around the table eating said birthday cake and ice cream.

Avery and I. She was sleeping but a class full of four years old wakes even the heaviest of sleepers.

Emma in her fancy dress from Nana and Papa. Better watch out, Nana and Papa, she may be "scared" of every movie if the result is a fabulous new dress.

For the last day of school, Sadie's class went to see The Nutcracker.   The ballet moves are still being performed today.

Daddy and the girls.

Emma, Emma, Emma

This afternoon Emma was unwrapping the toilet paper to put it in the closet using scissors because "it is more fun". For some reason every time the girls are playing a game of pretend every scene begins with, "Pretend..."
So Emma says to Sadie, "Pretend that you love toilet paper, and I got you toilet paper for your birthday."
Meanwhile, Sadie is dancing and prancing around, pretty much ignoring everything Emma is saying.
This is a very typical moment in a very typical day.

Found this scenario on Sunday after the girl's Christmas Program at church.  Sadie painted Emma to be her favorite dog, a Dalmatian.  Grammy was over at the time and we were wondering why there was so much giggling coming from the bathroom.