Emma, Emma, Emma

This afternoon Emma was unwrapping the toilet paper to put it in the closet using scissors because "it is more fun". For some reason every time the girls are playing a game of pretend every scene begins with, "Pretend..."
So Emma says to Sadie, "Pretend that you love toilet paper, and I got you toilet paper for your birthday."
Meanwhile, Sadie is dancing and prancing around, pretty much ignoring everything Emma is saying.
This is a very typical moment in a very typical day.

Found this scenario on Sunday after the girl's Christmas Program at church.  Sadie painted Emma to be her favorite dog, a Dalmatian.  Grammy was over at the time and we were wondering why there was so much giggling coming from the bathroom.


Anonymous said…
Very cute baby Avery!Papa
Anonymous said…
Spots abound all around!!

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