Here it is

I realize that I have been away, not writing or posting so here I am writing tonight. We have been down one computer, my computer, until tonight.  Nathan got some genius to fix the "attempt at efficiency" he performed which led to my computer being, well, not too capable or rather, extremely inefficient. But it is back to its "2005 operating in 2009" self.
Can you believe how fast the days are flying by...Emma was complaining about how I did not put the yogurt on her pancake and she most definitely could not just scoop up and put it on herself and on and on. Meanwhile, I am making us both coffee and my mind is spinning through all the stuff I need to get done tonight, tomorrow, before Christmas...and here she is complaining about where her yogurt is.  I almost felt like I needed to grab the counter so I did not fly off this ride I was/am on, you know the roller coaster until Christmas.  Well, I got her straightened out and was off to feed the baby, hoping my coffee would still be a touch warm when I returned.
Oh days, please slow down...

I can't get enough of this sweet baby.  Really, she is just so sugary sweet and cute and happy and soooo sweet.  So I shoot a million pictures and they all make me happy so it is really hard not to throw a bunch up here but I am restraining myself, a bit.  Just a very tiny bit.

Emma took out ALL the stuffed animals, this is a everyday thing, and I asked her to put them away. She tucked them all in bed.

The girls have inherited the little camera.  Emma was on a shoot.

Veggies by candle light.  A big storm came rolling through on Monday and knocked out our power for five hours.  We lit a bunch of candles and enjoyed the simplicity of it all.

Christmas tradition:
Nana and Papa take the girls to see The Grinch Who Stole Christmas at the Old Globe.


Alisha said…
I see that Avery got Emma's thumb-sucking gene. :o)
Anonymous said…
Emma sat on Nana's lap for the entire performance. Sadie was jumping and laughing out loud throughout and when the GRINCH walked up the aisle past her, he came back and said HAH! to her. I think he noticed her in the audience, since we were only about 5 rows from the stage on the aisle.
It is more fun each year, Papa.

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